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Lirik Lagu Old Devil Moon Jamie Culum


[Verse 1]
I look at you and suddenly
Something in your eyes I see
Soon begins bewitching me

It's that old devil moon
That you stole from the sky
It's that old devil moon in your eyes

[Verse 2]
You and your glance makes this romance too hot to handle
Stars in the night blazin' their light can't hold a candle
To your razzle dazzle
You've got me flyin' high and wide
On a magic carpet ride
Full of butterflies inside
I just wanna cry
Wanna croon
Wanna laugh like a loon
It's that old devil moon in your eyes

[Verse 3]
Just when I think I'm free as a dove
Old devil moon, deep in your eyes
Blinds me with love
Love, love, love

[Instrumental Solos/ Repeat verses 1-3 x1]

crafted with <3 in Stockholm